Who we are

The company work with wood frame structures, creating housing, roofs and terraces. Each house is built individually from the client’s initial wish and previously prepared project. Each house is built on the location, which gives incredible flexibility to work in tough environments, where pre-built houses couldn’t reach. The flexibility can also be in minor changes in construction – contacts, outlets, interior walls etc.
We’ve gained our experience from our neighboring country – Scandinavia, with our target being to create stable and strong constructions. In construction and planning experience sometimes isn’t enough and for stability, we involve calculation experts. This ensures solid and safe structures. Carefully completing all steps, we’ve reached a high quality level and precision, to satisfy clients.

The company works with many woodworking jobs – Terraces, canopies, gazebos, saunas, roofs, wooden facade replacements, repair jobs and paint jobs. In projects there are possibilities to get involved in more woodworking job than mentioned, which we enjoy. Working with wood is the company’s joy.

Aigars Meijers

AMHoldings leader

We love our job. Woodworking and a complete project creates joy, but more than that we’re motivated by the client’s reaction. Satisfied client satisfies us.

What we do

We are able to create strong wooden frame structures and build a house from ground up. We are able to construct house roofs from tiles or metal, by client’s preference. The job’s prices can be calculated individually. We are able to construct housing by finishing level – grey box, white box or full finish. Terraces are calculated seperately to each project with the client’s sketches and photos. Roof calculations are done after being on the job’s site with the client.

We are a strong team, that create strong wood structures. Getting to difficult locations is not an issue. The team’s ability to build houses in the construction location gives a lot more flexibility than modular houses.

Our work range

We come and work from Latvia, but our reach goes to Lithuania and Sweden. To complete the job, we will reach difficult places in these regions, as we have worked in archipelagos.

Learn about us through our work.


This is our first important job that was homed on one of the many beautiful Stockholm Archipelago chains…


Garage rebuilding

This is special for us because of our effective job execution. It was done on the spot in 11 weeks with 3-5 worker brigade…